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Bring someone in that knows socials.

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I know socials.


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social media school with carly

I’m spilling the beans.*

*The metaphorical beans.

You know, the ones where I give you all the information you need to become a Social Media Pro? Yeah, those beans. Not kidney or pinto.

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I’m Carly…

A passionate woman with a desire to see humans across the world create the life of their dreams. Having 3 years experience in freelance social media management and launching WHOLEco in January 2019, I consistently go above and beyond for my clients and work with fierce enthusiasm, mindful development, and proactive innovation.

I have a penchant for learning as well as personal and professional growth, consistently investing in my own skills and abilities so that I can bring you only the most effective and fresh strategies that often surpass current industry-standard methods.

I’m entirely transparent with my methods and practices, even going so far as to launch the free Social Media School in June 2019: empowering solopreneurs to up-level their side hustle or passion project into a full-time gig using social media as a prominent piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle.

Do we sound like a match? If so, I’d love to play a part in your business success story. Connect with me below.

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