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 Foundation. Center. Purpose. Clarity. Direction.

If you’re missing one or all of these in your business, you need a…

Brand Strategist

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Brand = Branding + Customer Experience

 Your brand is so much more than a logo.

Your brand is the opening night of a play.

Your branding is everything included in the months of preparation preceding opening night.

Allow the audience to see all of your hard work set in motion and voila, we have a Brand, people.

However, show up to opening night underprepared, and suddenly your brand isn’t looking so great my friend.

This is where I come in.

Our Process looks a little something like this…

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I gather the necessary background information.

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We collaborate to uncover & develop your Core Elements of a Brand.

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I synthesize our work into an actionable, beautiful, and comprehensive Brand.

Why & How

Having a centered, effective and authentic-to-who-you-are Brand creates your foundation for all future successes. Your Branding work provides the boundaries to work within, the guideposts to follow in decision-making processes, and the end-goal Big Picture Vision for your entire team to work toward. Successful Branding can last your business a decade or more, especially with the help of a Brand Strategist.

I work with you and/or your team to workshop through your Mission Statement, Core Values, Value Proposition, Target Market, Ideal Customer, and Brand Personality. These are what I call the Core Elements of a Brand. If you'll notice, I do not offer Brand Identity work (logo, color scheme, fonts, etc.), though everything that we do can be presented to an expert Graphic Designer within my community, thus enabling them to create your visual identity.

Finally I can take this work and create a 6-month Social Media Strategy that marries your Branding, Business Goals, and Social Media together into an actionable, step-by-step plan. Though I call this a Social Media Strategy, I often find that it goes way beyond Social Media into being a tangible guide for all elements of your business.

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 Already know your brand, but don’t know why you’re not finding consistent and reliable Social Media success?

It’s because though you might know your brand IRL (in real life), translating that brand onto Social Media and the digital world is a whole new ballpark. Think about it: I walk into your business and am instantly greeted by a happy, smiling face that asks how I’m doing today. I am surrounded by your brand colors, I quickly (and usually subconsciously) take stock of your “vibe” based off of the decor and supplies you’ve chosen, and I listen to the music or conversations floating around me. Within 7 seconds, I can get a feel for who you are that is likely entirely spot-on (especially if you’ve already done some branding work or have taken time to create a cohesive “feel” to your business). Without even consciously realizing, I now know your brand, I like it, and I want to spend money to be part of it.

However, imagine I’ve never been in your store and I find you on Instagram. Sure, maybe I see photos from within your store, but that “X factor” that is uniquely you (your brand!) is missing or lackluster. I see decent photos, but I don’t feel like I’m entering into anything cohesive that I want to be a part of - yes, even if you have a specific instagram feed “theme.” If you haven’t captured me in those first 7 seconds, then I likely will leave your page and instantly forget about you; I definitely won’t be spending money with you.

Even businesses with the most well-thought-out brands in person can struggle with translating that brand into Social Media, which leads them to that frustrating feeling of: is what I’m doing even doing anything?

This is where I come in.

I work with everyone from brand new to well-established businesses and take whatever information that they already have (or don’t) about their brand, and figure out how we can translate that into the intricate and ever-changing world of Social Media. This is a tried-and-true formula that I’ve developed throughout my time in business and have seen work for national media organizations and local handmade artisans alike.

If you’re looking for that always elusive Social Media success, I can almost guarantee you that this will be your solution. Want to know if it’s for you? Send me an email and let’s find out.


your investment

$799 USD

Payment plans available.

Interested in adding a Custom 6-month Social Media Strategy? Buy the two together for $250 savings.

Brand Strategy Session + custom social media strategy: $1,150 usd

Your brand is the mechanism through which you create an emotional connection with your buyer, provide justification for the price of your offering, and display the inherent value that you, your business, and your product or service bring.
— Carly Jo Bell, WholeCo media
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