My Revolutionary Business Strategy

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of reading the same ol’ stuff. Everyone seems to be saying that you need to do this or that, but definitely not the other thing. But if we all keep working from the exact same frameworks, will any of us truly succeed? If we’re all doing the exact same thing, where’s the innovation, the creativity, the challenge? Believing that the process that what works for her will also work for him, and that it will in turn work for you creates an endless cycle of everyone trying to get ahead with the same methods that we’re all using. It’s like riding on a stationary bike and expecting to make it across Australia. It just doesn’t work.

Enter my revolutionary business strategy. Revolutionary because it’s a framework without the explicit structure. It’s teaching you how to pour concrete instead of how to build a house. Take this, ruminate on it, apply it, and then build on top of it. It’s all yours to be creative with. Use it for a bit and then get back to me with what you built with it - I can’t wait to see the unique success it will bring for you.

With love, Carly

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