How to Make the Perfect Instagram Feed Layout: Tips for Your Grid

Whether you’re a brand new business or you’ve been in the game for years, it never hurts to freshen up your Instagram Feed. It is, after all, the first thing that many potential clients see. And according to Forbes, you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. Our brains also naturally look for organization, because they are computers after all and they like things that make sense!

Thus we want your Instagram Grid to look creative, stylish, and interesting. We also want it to look on-brand, so that people can glance at it and quickly tell if they connect with you or not. Below you’ll find some ideas on Instagram layouts to get you started, and don’t worry, I definitely won’t be including the checkerboard theme as an option - we’re getting more creative than that. (No hate if that’s your jam, but if it was truly your jam you likely wouldn’t be here looking for alternatives, now would you?)

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Color Scheme

Definitely the most obvious one, and yet can be seen as both the hardest and the easiest. Easy, because all you have to do is post photos with a similar color scheme (or with a similar filter on top!). But hard because REAL LIFE ISN’T ALL ONE COLOR SCHEME. This one could be used if you are posting pictures of something similar each day (say your #ootd in the same spot in your house, thus it will have the same background), or if you can create or use a filter that will work over every type of photo you want to use.

Best for:

Food bloggers, Nutrition Coaches, Fashion bloggers, Graphic Designers


If you want to do an outright color scheme, start with your wardrobe. Either look at what colors you already have in your wardrobe and use that, or buy a few pieces that are within your color scheme that you can mix and match. This will be so helpful when creating content!

If you want to do a filtered look, try putting a few photos you’ve already taken into an editing app like vsco and see what filter works over all of them. Hone it in until you’ve found something that works for all of them!


This can overlap with any of your Instagram Grid Layouts, but if you’re posting the same type of thing every single day, you can often get away with the colors and such not being as cohesive - since there’s a dedicated theme already running through your feed.

Best for:

Clothing labels, Travel Bloggers, Influencers, Artists


This type of feed is really good for incorporating curated content into. Think about: if you’re a clothing boutique or label, you can repost photos from your customers in your items and no matter the filter, they’ll still be on-topic and fit seamlessly into your feed.


Rows & Columns

Are you the sort of person who has SO MANY GOOD PHOTOS from jobs, events, or your day-to-day that you wish you could share all of them, but you get stuck feeling like you can’t keep posting photos from the same day/time/moment? This one will work well for you!

Also, if you’re someone who works in a variety of areas or doesn’t have content that can all look cohesive, this is a way to allow you to share content that may not all “go” explicitly together while doing so in a way that still feels cohesive.

Best for:

Photographers, Service Providers, Coaches, Branding Studios, Restaurants


Curated content (like quotes) can also fit exquisitely into this Instagram Feed Layout, especially in a column format!

If you’re doing rows, make sure that you have three pictures that intrinsically go together to post. This will keep your feed looking organized and people will love the “story” that each row provides. And you don’t have to post all of them at the same time! You can still spread your posts out as 1-a-day.



A variation of the Rows and Columns, the Diagonal Feed Layout is if you’re ready to take the next step. It definitely requires a bit more planning, but is absolutely worth it.'

Best for:

Anyone really! I image wellness bloggers, fitness coaches, travel or lifestyle influencers, yoga instructors, vintage or artsy boutiques, most any brick & mortar, and more.


You can plan your Diagonal Grid posts in an app like Later so that you can see how all of them work together. Also, you can arrange the diagonal lines by topics and they don’t have to be arranged by specific moments/jobs/etc.

i.e. As a yoga instructor, you could do one Diagonal line of photos of you (taken on different days), the next of photos of your breakfasts, the next of videos of your daily yoga routine.



This one is definitely the easiest, though it still requires a bit of planning! Frame all of your photos (in whatever color matches your brand, doesn’t have to be white!) and post them as squares, with your photo prominently displayed in the middle!

Best for:

The person who wants beauty and cohesion but doesn’t wanna spend a ton of time on it.


Use an app like Canva to make this happen, or a variety of “Square” apps available in the App Store or Google Play.


Another variation of Rows & Columns (or Diagonal if you’re feeling fancy!) is the Rainbow Grid! Doing a Rainbow feed can be a lot of work, but it definitely is eye-catching. You also can use it within the Frame Grid by using pastels of the colors of the rainbow as your frame!

Best for:

Influencers or anyone that has a bit more flexibility in what they post (and can use stock photos if necessary to fill a gap in content). The rainbow feed would also be really good for Graphic Designers looking to play around with colors, boutiques that have bright & colorful items, or Cooking/Baking bloggers that are ready to experiment with colorful food!


If you do need to dip into the world of stock photos to fill a hole in your content, Unsplash or Pexels both have stock photos that don’t suck.

I’d also recommend if you’ll be posting photos of yourself, trying to have a couple items of clothing in each color that you can fall back on if you need to create content!


Puzzle Feed

We’ve definitely saved the best for last, and this one is not only my personal favorite (and what I use) but also the hottest trend in the 2019 world of Instagram. Meet: the Instagram Puzzle Feed. Also known as the Instagram Feed Collage or Instagram Puzzle Grid, but once you begin using it you’ll just refer to it as your IG BFF.

It definitely requires some work, but can we just talk about HOW WORTH IT IT IS?! I just have so much fun with it, not to mention I get comments on my feed all. the. time! If that’s not a killer first impression, I don’t know what is.

Best for:

YOU if you’re someone who is truly looking to stand out, and is tired of seeing the same old thing on everyone’s IG.

p.s. you can purchase this as a template in my shop!

p.s. you can purchase this as a template in my shop!


This one is definitely time-consuming, but if you’d like to do it I wrote up an entire blog post on exactly how I create my Instagram Grid Collage. You can also purchase a pre-made, limited edition, fully customizeable template in my Shop or purchase a custom one made just for you! Head to my shop to see it all.

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Now you’re ready! Tell me below - what feed will you be using??

With love, Carly

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