Magic Content Generator: How to Batch Create Content for All Your Digital Needs

Meet the Magic Content Generator

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With our ever social media frenzied world, we are having to create more and more (and more) content each and every day just to barely “keep up.” People are saying left and right that you “have to post on instagram each day,” “need to post blogs to increase SEO,” or “should be creating digital freebies to increase email opt-ins!” Except, no one is telling you HOW to actually write that much content. Likely, you’re just one person! How are you supposed to be coming up with everything all by yourself without sounding like a broken record to your loyal followers?  

If you’re feeling lost in this content-heavy world, never fear. I seriously have a solution for you, and I’m talking all weird and grandiose like this because I’m honestly so excited about sharing it with you. Follow it and you’ll quickly see just how easy it makes the digital side of your business!

Below you’ll find my magic strategy. How do I know it’s magic? I literally used it today to come up with 33 Social Media Captions (no joke), a handful of blog post ideas, and an IGTV video in under 2 hours!


(In the next examples, “this” equals the type of content you’re creating, i.e. blogging, social posts, creating a video, etc.)

WHY am I doing this?

Your answer here helps you recognize quickly what sort of tone you need to take, what elements you need to include, and what format the content should be in! As a personal example - I write my instagram captions to both become a trusted resource in my niche and to develop an invested following!

Think about it: say you’re a wellness coach and you want to write a blog post. On the surface, your reasoning is because I have to post one this week to meet my goal! However, the real reason you want to write a blog post is because you want to help your Ideal Customer succeed in a certain area of their life, and in doing so you want to demonstrate your trustworthiness as an expert source. Now, from this information you know that you need to speak in a way that is frank but friendly, give actionable steps that your Ideal Customer can begin following today, and format the post as a 3-step blog. Whew! That’s most of the hard work done!

For a worksheet on how to name your Ideal Customer, click here (no email required for download!).

WHO am I trying to reach with this?

Your answer here helps you to know who you’re speaking to so that you can talk in a way that will resonate with them and provide them value! i.e. You wouldn’t use a bunch of technical terms if your audience isn’t familiar with them! In this post I’m trying to reach solopreneurs and creatives who know they need to be showing up on socials, but they just aren’t sure how!

If we use that same example of the blog post, you would think about your Ideal Customer Sally. She’s often quite busy between her evening dance classes, school, and her part-time job, so a quick article that she can either read on her commute or glance over but still get the idea is the best way to go! Now you know the post needs to be relatively short with the important elements in bold.

WHAT is important to that person?

This is where you get your content!! What does the person you’re trying to reach care about? Talk about those things! For example, my Target Audience’s main concerns are how to 1) Gain clients and make sales, 2) Gain authentic followers, and 3) Gain confidence and smash self-doubt. This post helps in all three areas!

You as the wellness blogger would know that with Sally’s busy schedule, she needs time-saving tips for how to live a more wholistically healthy life. It’s easy as a college student to acquiesce to eating takeout or cafeteria food when the days are long! What would be helpful for her? Start by writing general topics, and then move each of them into particulars such as: 5 Easy & Healthy Snack Swaps, How to Eat Healthy When You’re on the Go, 15-minutes of Yoga You Can do in Public (without looking weird!), Your Dinner This Week Sorted: 7 Meals You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less. When you know what’s important to them, the list can keep going forever.

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Wrapping Up

Writing content is now easier than ever before (but like, really try it because I’m not just saying that). You now have a growing list of topic ideas, the know-how to write them in such a way that they’ll resonate with your target audience, and the foundation of a purpose and a goal that will keep you centered as you create.

Next time you need to drum up some content, simply ask: WHY, WHO, WHAT.

I now bequeath to you the keys to the MCG. Take care of her and use her well!

With love, Carly #WholeCo

Carly Bell