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Using Social Media to Build Your Empire

So much of what we do on social media is because someone said that we should. Except by the time that that someone has learned the tactic, practiced it, validated it, then passed it on to everyone else - the landscape of social media has shifted. I know it may feel shocking, but the social media “rules” are actually only guidelines: for how can we make rules to something that is rapidly developing every single day? 

However, there is stability in social media for small business in that the core of everything we do is simple: use tried-and-true marketing strategies intricately applied to the ever-changing social media scene.

Here are the Core marketing Strategies that I follow:

  1. If you’re talking to everyone, you’re not talking to anyone. Your marketing needs to start and end with your Ideal Customer (or Target Audience). Especially as a Small Business with so many forms of external competition, you have to KNOW who you’re talking to and speak directly in order to gain their ever-distracted attention.

  2. You must provide real value to create real investment. With so many options to find similar solutions, your Ideal Customer wants to know that what you offer is valuable before they invest in what you’re doing. They need to think, If this is what I’m getting for free, imagine what I’ll get when I purchase!

  3. Building authentic relationships is the key to customer loyalty and business growth. Long-gone are the days of fighting for 10k Instagram followers or a certain number of likes, what we now know is important is the “hidden” analytics: how many saves, shares, and visits you got because of your content. When it comes to prioritizing vanity metrics or authentic engagement, we’re pressing in to smaller but more powerful audiences.

  4. Word of mouth maintains its throne. Successful businesses are now leveraging the “human” aspect of their brand to create Raving Fans, or people that truly care about what you’re doing and will thus bring more people into your community.

  5. Everything you do needs a clear end-goal. Humans are all seeking a sense of belonging to something that feels bigger than themselves. They want something that they can invest in, that will remain stable, and that they in turn will feel valued. Your marketing needs to provide guidance toward this sense of “home,” wherein this value will undoubtedly be found.

How will we apply these strategies into our everyday social media practices?

  1. We start every project with a complimentary Branding Session, naming your Ideal Customer, Mission Statement, Core Values, Value Proposition, and Brand Personality.

  2. Throughout all of your content, we emphasize the value you provide with no-strings attached insights, relevant curated and created content, special offers for loyal customers, and more.

  3. Instead of believing “if you build it they will come,” I take an active approach to your platforms and dedicate daily time to seeking out and engaging authentically with your Ideal Customer.

  4. We’ll use my Yes Circle Strategy as the foundation for all of our content, in which we teach your followers to say increasing Yes’s to your business until they become a Raving Fan of all that you do.

  5. I understand that social media is only part of your digital strategy, and I therefore use it to point people toward tangible end-goals that build your success however you define it.

Social Media is an ever-evolving world in which we look external for ideas, but internal for answers. Everything we do uses proven strategies as our foundation, but focuses on the needs of and desires for your business to create highly-effective practices. The greatest people in any field didn't get there by playing by the rules - they got there by using what they had, and building their own empire on top of it. Let’s build yours together.

With love, Carly

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