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Ideas and solutions for the Small Business or SME that has it all… but wants more.

So you have the idea, you have the business, now you’re looking for the growth. Not only that, but you deeply value your community and want to give your Raving Fans a place to interact and get all the latest information on everything awesome and exciting in your business. You know Social Media is the answer, but simply put, it’s not in your zone of genius - and you’d much rather spend your time on the things you deeply care about. Being glued to your phone is not one of them.

Now you’ve found yourself looking for a solution. You’re the type of person who, once you’ve made a decision, takes action. No time for dilly-dallying, the only time we ever have is now. And in all of your amazing luck, you’ve landed here with some smiley girl named Carly talking to you. She’s telling you she has the solution, and you’re intrigued. Could you really have found your answer so easily? Read on to find out.

Already know you’re ready to hire, but just want to know the price?

What is Social Media Marketing & Management?

Social Media is the best way to make an impression and keep developing it. It’s how you form relationships with customers or clients, and turn your business into more than just a business: it’s how you turn it into a community. Social Media Marketing is the act of marketing your business to your Ideal Customer/Target Audience, using the powers of social media to build awareness of your business, highlight your unique value, and ultimately create customers who are loyal to you. Social Media Management is having someone outside of your organization do everything social-media related for you. It’s to understand your brand, create and implement a custom strategy, and develop lasting relationships with your audience. It’s so much more than simply posting photos and growing your follower count, it’s knowing the intricacies of your business and audience in order to create content that connects and converts.

Is Social Media Management right for you?

That’s for you to decide, but it’s my job to give you all the information for you to make an informed decision. Let’s start with what Social Media Management will do for you.

How effective is Social Media Marketing?

I’m sure you’re already convinced, but just to throw a cherry on top and call it a full ice cream sundae, let’s take a look at a case study. Meet Airllywood, a brick & mortar and online clothing boutique who happens to be one of my current Social Media Management clients. After a mere 3 months of working together, look at these results.

Sure, the Social Media Analytics are great. But how is it to actually work with me?

It is my dream to succeed in my business by helping you succeed in yours. I treat every client with sincere professionalism, genuine kindness, and intentional care, digging deep to discover their unique goals and then working hard to turn them into reality in a way that is both realistic and personal. Read an excerpt of a testimonial from another of my fabulous clients below.

From our first conversation to our continued work today, Carly has been a fantastic listener with an incredible ability to translate my needs from a personal and business perspective, into practical and action-oriented social media marketing steps that I can take to keep me moving towards my high-level goals. I don’t feel like a template or a contract with Carly. I feel like she meets me where I’m at and with what I want to achieve, and I’ve consequently become WAY more comfortable and confident in the quality of the content I am producing on social media. I am so grateful to have found Carly and look forward to continuing to work with her as my business grows.
— Veronica, owner of Sovereign Collection

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